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Cancer Computer Scientist

We’re seeking a highly motivated Research Associate with expertise in deep learning and spatial biology within the field of translational cancer research. The project will entail algorithm development and deployment of deep learning approaches for histomorphological characterisation of triple negative breast cancers. Through spatial transcriptomics, diverse transcriptional profiles will be mapped to regions of interest to decipher immune cell population dynamics in triple negative breast cancers. Subclonal and clonal T cell dynamics in these samples can be further investigated using TCR-sequencing.

This applicant will join the multidisciplinary Cancer Bioinformatics group ( within the Breast Cancer Now Research Unit at King’s College London whose collective aims are to implement computational approaches for the integrated multi-modal analyses from model systems and patient studies of triple-negative breast cancers. We lead on the latest technologies to perform subcellular spatial transcriptomics and hold a wealth of whole slide image data for digital pathology approaches.

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General Enquiries

For potential collaborations, job opportunities and student-placements please contact Dr. Anita Grigoriadis ( ) with a brief description of your interest. If you require bioinformatics expertise in your grant application, please get in touch when you are developing your proposal so that we can advise you on the level of support and time required for the bioinformatics.

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