Node Code Breakers at Cognizant

Last week we had the great pleasure of discussing our research at the Cognizant Outreach event in support of #TechInPink2023 by Estée Lauder, attended by over 900 Cognizant associates around the world. AnitaGregory , Mengyuan and Holly revealed more about the team’s use of AI to combat breast cancer in a panel and in discussion with attendees after the event.

Over 3,500 Cognizant associates from 27 countries have been hard at work as volunteers in the last 2 months, engaging with our Node Code Breakers Zooniverse project to annotate germinal centres in lymph nodes. They have generated an astonishing 80,000+ annotations for us! This phenomenal achievement will go a long way to helping us improve the accuracy of our AI models that support the pathological diagnoses of breast cancer patients.

We were absolutely blown away by the passion and dedication of everyone involved and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Cognizant for your tremendous efforts. 

And, as always, none of what we do could happen without the ongoing support of Breast Cancer Now .

If you would like to get involved in helping us tackle breast cancer then please do have a look at the Node Code Breakers site:


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