Oct 22

PhD Opportunity: Head & Neck Cancer

We are delighted to present another PhD opportunity, this time investigating head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC):

Immune cell interaction in primary tumour and lymph nodes driven by head and neck cancers, with a focus on immunoglobulin-producing B cells

In this project, we will focus on risk-predictive areas encompassing immune cells and aim to characterise in detail the immunoglobulin-producing B cells in primary tumours and lymph nodes. We will use spatial transcriptomics, image CyTOF and multiplex immune-fluorescence staining techniques, as well as B cell receptor sequence analyses.

For more details please follow the link below:

Immune cell interaction in primary tumour and lymph nodes driven by head and neck cancers, with a focus on immunoglobulin-producing B cells


Oct 22

Breast Cancer Now Patient Advocacy Workshop

As part of the Breast Cancer Now unit at KCL, we would like to extend an invitation to the Breast Cancer Now Patient Advocacy Workshop. The event is open to everyone, no prior knowledge of cancer or advocacy is required.

There will be talks from scientists, patient advocates and charity workers, as well as a chance to tour a lab and meet and chat with breast cancer researchers.

The event will take place at the Guy’s Hospital Cancer Centre in London on the afternoon of Wednesday 2 November. The itinerary will include lunch, followed by talks from the Director of the Scientific Programme and an existing patient advocate, a tour of the lab and chance to chat with researchers, Breast Cancer Now staff and others interested in getting involved.

Please follow the link below to sign up:




Oct 22

Jelmar presents at Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics Conference

Last week Jelmar Quist presented at the Markets & Markets 4th Annual Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics Conference. The conference aims to “address the gaps between early-stage biomarker development and the commercialization stage of biomarkers”.

Jelmar spoke on Bioinformatics approaches for classification of breast cancers, covering the following topics:

  • Integration of transcriptomics and genomics data can reveal convergent pathway
    dependencies with a potential for therapeutic intervention.
  • Classification of high-dimensional mixed-type data can be achieved through a permutation-
    based framework for random forest.
  • Extensive qualitative and quantitative evaluation of clusters could ultimately aid patient


Oct 22

PhD Opportunity: Black Leaders in Cancer

We are offering a PhD project, joint with Queen Mary University of London, through the CRUK CoL Centre Black Leaders in Cancer PhD Programme:

Multi-omic analysis to identify risk signatures in histologically normal breast tissue to stratify screening and prevention strategies

This is a unique multidisciplinary and collaborative training opportunity for graduates from a Black heritage background with a background in biological, biomedical or other relevant sciences, who are interested in carrying out research in cancer biotherapeutics.

This project provides a rare and exciting opportunity to gain experience at the interface of pathology, computational science, big data and functional studies in breast cancer.

To find out more and apply: https://www.colcc.ac.uk/black-leaders-phd-recruitment-process/




Oct 22

PhD Opportunity: 2023 Crick-KCL Joint Project

We propose a detailed characterisation of the enlarged GCs present in the LNs of TNBC patients to determine their immune cell interactions using novel and established experimental technologies. 

We are offering an excellent PhD opportunity for a student with a good understanding of immunology, keen to work in the lab and microscopy, and an aptitude to learn statistical and computational approaches to explore the data.

For more details:



Jul 22

Research Day Prize Success for Gregory

Gregory gave a fantastic talk about “Multiscale deep learning framework captures systemic immune features in lymph nodes and predicts outcome in breast cancer” at the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Day 2022 and won the 2nd prize!


Jul 22

Béibhinn awarded NIHR pre-doctoral fellowship

Béibhinn has been awarded the NIHR pre-doctoral fellowship in bioinformatics research methodology. She will begin an 18-month project investigating host-microbiome interactions in breast cancer this coming September.


Jun 22

Ellie & Radhika at the PGR Symposium

[14/06/2022] Ellie and Radhika were selected for a talk and presented their work “The role of germinal centres and the B cell response in triple negative breast cancer” and “Multi-omics analyses reveal multimodal Fusobacterium DNA damage perturbations in colorectal cancer” at the PGR Symposium.


Apr 22

Breast Cancer Now broadcast

[20/04/2022] Breast Cancer Now broadcast: Biology always consists of patterns – my job is to look for those patterns in breast cancer data Find out more here.


Apr 22

Radhika selected to present at EMBL Symposium

[06/04/2022] Radhika was selected for a talk and presented her work titled “Multi-omics analyses reveal multimodal Fusobacterium DNA damage perturbations in colorectal cancer” at the Microbial infections and human cancer EMBO | EMBL Symposium

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