2021 News

[04/10/2021] Congratulations to our new Masters’ students Izzi and Vicky for receiving the MRes course prize for the highest overall grade this year.

[07/06/2021] Congratulations to our PhD student Ellie for her recent publication in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences: Immune Crosstalk Between Lymph Nodes and Breast Carcinomas, With a Focus on B Cells.
[09/03/2021] Congratulation to our Masters student Izzi for winning the Translational Cancer Medicine award for top essay mark with her essay on CAR T cells for TNBC and in African-American women.
[16/02/2021] Congratulations to our postdoctoral cancer bioinformatician Jelmar Quist for his recent publication in Cancers: Random Forest Modelling of High-Dimensional Mixed-Type Data for Breast Cancer Classification.

[08/06/2021] Applications are now open for a Computational Research Associate within the Breast Cancer NOW Unit, School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences, at King’s College London. Find out more here

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