2016 News

[21-25/11/2016] Cancer bioinformatics, in collaboration with KCL Cancer Division, conducted the “Master Class in Translational Research using Bioinformatics and Epidemiology” from 21-25 November 2016.

[06-09/11/2016] Aisyah, Jelmar, and Salpie attended the 2016 NCRI Cancer Conference in Liverpool UK

[20/10/2016] Anita hosted the NanoString workshop

[14/10/2016] Salpie presented her work at “Making Progress: Research Network UK” at the Royal College of Physicians.

[05/10/2016] Anita visited TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

[29/09/2016] Qingli Guo joined the group

[29/09/2016] Cancer Bioinformatics hosted the 2nd Central European Bioinformatics Meeting

[13/09/2016] Anita is presenting at 3rd Precision Medicine Congress.

[12/09/2016] Aisyah is attending the 3rd Precision Medicine Congress.

[25/08/2016] Irvin has completed his summer intership and is back in France to complete his undergraduate.

[15/08/2016] Salpie started her visit at the Harvard University.

[02/08/2016] Jelmar is demonstrating at the KHP BRC Summerschool where he will explain breast cancer classification with microarray analysis using Connect Four.

[22/07/2016] Cancer Bioinformatics is attending the UK Breast Cancer Research Symposium 2016.

[06/07/2016] Jelmar is attending the Seventh NIHR Infrastructure Doctoral Training Camp at the Ashridge Business School from 6th-8th July 2016

[29/04/2016] Aisyah has received the EACR Student Travel Award to present her research at the EACR24 Congress in Manchester, UK, 9-12 July 2016

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